COVID-19 Update March 29, 2020


Dear Member,


We wanted to give you an operational update.  As you know, on Monday March 23rd, we partially re-opened the club to allow solo-only operations for flights that meet the essential requirements of the Santa Clara and San Mateo County Shelter in Place Orders.  This first week has seen a handful of flights each day at both locations.  We have managed to operate with a skeleton crew of three staff, one in maintenance, one in fuel, and one in member services.


We have decided to defer the decision to allow dual instruction for another week. Therefore, we will continue with solo-only  (solo is defined as pilot only, no passengers) operations for the week of March 30th through Sunday April 5th. We will revisit the decision again in time for the week of April 6th.  This extra week will allow the club to further improve our operations on a skeleton crew.


Additionally, we are awaiting the decision from the counties to either extend their Shelter in Place Orders, or allow them to lapse and defer to the CA state Shelter in Place Order.  The CA order is much more explicit about what is and isn’t considered an essential service.  For example, general aviation and, specifically flight schools, are deemed essential.  Additionally, we have surveyed our flight instructor corps.  While most have chosen to delay giving flight instruction (even if legally allowed), there are some who have expressed a willingness and we will consider that in our next decision. 


We’ve seen and heard of some inspirational stories about the use of GA to support essential operations during the COVID-19 crisis.  If you have a WVFC story you could share, then please email it to us and we’ll post it on our COVID-19 web page for others to see and be inspired by.




Steve Blonstein, GM

COVID-19 Update March 22, 2020

To our membership,

The WVFC Board of Directors has made the decision to re-open the club at 9AM on Monday March 23rd.  Based on the critical infrastructure sectors defined in this document, we can legally operate while the State’s Shelter in Place Order is in effect. However, there’s a lot more than just the legality of a re-opening.  If you do plan to fly, please read this entire document where we lay out the criteria and restrictions for continued operations.


1)    The Staff.  It is of the utmost importance to protect the staff and their health, as well as yours.  At the re-open, we will have a skeleton crew of 3 people.  There will be one MST, one maintenance, and one fuel person.  They will largely operate out of sight and behind the scenes.  Please minimize interaction with them and, if you do interact then maintain the established social distancing guidelines.


2)    Allowable operations. For the first week, only solo operations will be allowed.  Solo is defined as pilot only, no passengers.  Dual instruction will be re-introduced the following Monday, March 30th.  This date may be adjusted based on how the first week of solo-only operations go.  If you do fly somewhere, be sure to check that services and fuel are available.


3)    Cleaning of planes.  To help with cleaning the planes, we will only permit one flight per plane per day.  After each flight ends, the plane will be “blocked out” to allow the plane to air out until the next day. Where and when possible, we will wipe down the plane interior with manufacturer approved products. Avionics, especially glass cockpits, and interiors can be severely damaged by alcohol or ammonia based wipes and similar products.  Please do not attempt to use any of these types of products.  We strongly recommend you wear gloves from the start to finish of your flight.


4)    Facilities.  Both club houses will only be open from 9AM to 5PM.  Please do not enter them before or after these hours.  This will allow staff to access the facilities, cleaners to clean, all the while creating separation between the membership and the staff/cleaners.  The SIMs can be used, solo only for the first week and dual starting March 30th.


This has been a difficult and challenging process for everyone.  We want to thank each member for your patience both waiting for this re-opening, and for moving forward carefully and thoughtfully.  We will continue to monitor all the usual email and phone channels and look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Blonstein, GM

West Valley Flying Club