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WOW - Women of West Valley 3

WOW – Women of West Valley Flying Club

Los Banos

Beautiful weather for the short trip to Los Banos on Saturday, June 21!  4 planes made the trip:  Sue Ballew and Stacey Patton, with students Steve Green and Heidi Binder, in C172 972TA, John Jacob and Bodgan Gorbanescu in C182 N2463S, Penny and Ron Blake in C172 N61606, and Debby Cunningham in a Cub.  Dennis and I arrived by car (my plane had a prior commitment).

I'm not sure whether it was quicker to fly or drive, but we know which is more fun.  The flyers walked across the highway to the Black Bear Diner (formerly Ryan's), where we had lunch.  The restaurant was busy, and both the food and service were excellent, as were the company and the talk of flying.  Don't miss the next fly-in!