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WOW - Women of West Valley


The WV flyout group actually completed 2 out of 4 flyouts this winter in spite of the unusually high rainfall. With perfect wx, on Dec 3rd about 20 of us took off from several airports and converged on Watts-Woodland for  delicious food. and good company.

Then on January 14th, again we had fabulous weather for our Whale Watching Flyout.  Several of us were talking on the air-to-air frequency for traffic safety while spotting gigantic whales off of Pebble Beach down to Point Sur.  Over 20 of us then convened at Ella’s at the Airport at Watsonville for a tasty lunch.

These flyouts are excellent opportunities to meet other pilots, bring student pilots, do some great sightseeing, and just get out and shake the rust off and fly.

Upcoming Flyouts:

February 25th - HAF

March 25th - KAPC

April 22nd - PRB

May 20th - 3O1

(Dates and locations subject to change. Contact Sue Ballew for further information: