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WOW - Women of West Valley 2

WOW – Women of West Valley Flying Club

Boonville Flyout – September 2014

Five Cessna aircraft gathered in Boonville for lunch for this September flyout.  Attendees included John and Bogdan in a C182 G1000, Brittany Sabol in a C172, Judy and Dennis Stark in a C182, and Sue Ballew with two of her students – Glenn and Jean, along with Sue's newest graduate, Steve, in a C172S. Steve passed his check ride just the day before. Way to GO!!

We all contended with the challenge of the landing. Do you land 13 into the wind but over a hill? Or, do you land 31 where it is more open but you have a slight tailwind?  A few of us needed to do go arounds but I won't say who. Steve was the last to arrive, so we were all on the ground waiting for his arrival and rooting for a great landing. No pressure here for the newly minted private pilot.

Sue in particular was watching closely. She pulled out her handheld radio so we could all monitor the CTAF. At lunch Steve was telling us how he was hearing Sue's voice coaching him all along his flight, so it was a bit of a surprise when Sue's voice actually came over the frequency telling him to chop the power on final!

It was a toasty walk into town, but we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Lauren's and smooth flights home.