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WOW - Women of West Valley


Willows for Lunch – Saturday March 16th 2013 

The WOW - Women of West Valley will be flying to Willows Airport KWLW on Saturday, March 16.  Please plan to arrive by noon.  The restaurant on the field is called Nancy's and they have good food and GREAT pies. KWLW has two runways, 13/31 3788 ft and 16/34 4125 ft.  The frequency is the CTAF 122.8 and it's located 120 nm north of San Carlos and slightly farther from Palo Alto, and about 15 nm north of the Maxwell VOR (110.0) on the San Francisco Sectional.

Contact Sue Ballew at for more information.

We usually get a large turnout so you will need to RSVP to me ASAP for reservations at the Restaurant.  Please also let me know if you plan to fly or need a ride.  All are welcome!!!

Hope to see you all there for a delightful lunch with lots of hangar flying.


Whale Watching fly out - Saturday January 19th 2013 

The annual southerly migratory movement of the giant gray whale was the inspiration for the most recent Women of West Valley (WOW) fly-out on Saturday 19th January. Our own southerly flight from San Carlos for a 45 minute tour of Monterey to Point Sur coastal area was a powerfully uplifting sight - especially from an excellent vantage point of 2000 feet.

During our tour we viewed more than a hundred or so Gray Whales travelling in pods of between two and ten whales. They were mid way on their momentous 12,000 mile annual round trip from the Bering Straits to Baja California. At their destination they will then breed before the return northerly leg en famille, typically from March onwards.

Our own journey began with student pilot Monica taking off from SQL and, after a couple of class Charlie transitions, we were hugging the Pacific coast with our eyes peeled for any signs of aquatic activity. The deep Monterey Canyon attracts more than 26 species of whale and dolphins and we weren't disappointed. Just off the coast of Carmel we picked out a large school of dolphins clustered together as Monica expertly banked the C172. The aquatic show was finished off with a landing at Watsonville Municipal (KWVI) and lunch at the relatively new and very tasty 'Props' restaurant. A large group 37 from the Ninety-Nines, WOW, and The Santa Clara Valley Airmen and others, gathered together to benefit from this wonderful annual viewing opportunity; the gorgeous weather and the great food. See you next year for another fly-out where the sky meets the sea!

Jayne Pearce