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WOW - Women of West Valley


Flyout to Westover, Amador County (KJAQ) 

Please join us for a fun flyout to the foothills at Westover Field (KJAQ) on Feb 22.  This is a perfect CFI/student opportunity for a cross country excursion!  We will meet at the airport at noon and grab a taxi into the town of Sutter Creek for lunch at Susan’s Place at 1230.  Susan’s is about 2 miles from the airport.

After lunch we can stroll around the cute little mining/wine country town and check out the shops to see what goodies they have to offer.  All are welcome!!!

Please RSVP as the restaurant requires reservations.  Email:  Sue Ballew

Whale Watching

The WOW Whale Watching event on January 18th turned out to be fabulous with 39 people attending lunch and about 10 airplanes participating in the actual flying and whale watching.  With a clear, calm day we flew down past Monterrey and started seeing whales almost immediately around the point.  The whales were mostly in groups surfacing and blowing through their big blow holes…not sure who was having more fun!


After about 45 minutes of maneuvering around to spot these big, beautiful mammals, we headed for Watsonville to enjoy a delicious lunch at Prop’s Restaurant.  Our group consisted of WOW members and guests, The Santa Clara Valley 99s, The SC Airmen’s Association, and the Fog group from San Carlos.  Many Bay Area Airports were represented and some drove in as well.

This was a great flyout and lots of fun.  Hope you will join us next year!