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Women of Aviation Week


Women of Aviation Week....what a success!

In January I contacted the organizers of this international event learned more about this movement whose goal is to empower a new generation of women and girls to become pilots. I decided to join and became the organizer in the Bay Area basing the event in San Carlos Airport, for Women of Aviation International Week. For the last 4 years since all this stated, the idea was to grow this movement into a global scale. This year it was celebrated in the US and 36 other countries, with a final tally of more than 17,000 introductory flights for women  and give them an opportunity to understand why we love what we do and encourage them to become future pilots.

During the event we had the great opportunity to have some speakers presenting at Hiller Museum. Among them was Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, US Air Force Captain, trainer for the KC-135 refilling tanker. We were surprised with the  visit of  Aisha Bowen from NASA. NASA called me a few days before the event and we had the great fortune that another Engineer  was coming to talk to the kids and moms during Sunday's flights - Heater Arnerson - who really wanted to be part of the event. Both of them work in the platform to develop a better way to direct air traffic. Thanks for coming!

After long conversations with CFIs, West Valley, and the help of people at the club, we had the participation of 5 planes  and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the owners for giving these women a taste of flying.

Among the CFI's participating were  Mehdi Dalvand, George Kebbe, Gabe Somma, Steve Gauvin. Lorne Lawry (we miss you).  The private pilots were Francesca Fambrough , Daniel Ruiz , Jersey Orkiszewski , and me with just 2 flights (someone need to be at the desk, right)

On the ground I had the amazing support of  Oanh Tran and Lindsey Evans. We had  a new Commercial pilot helping us on Sunday on the ground- Kellison Park; who is joining West Valley this month. Last but not least, we had  the words of wisdom from  Jesse Gamueda, our Chief pilot, who gave us a few tips and safety briefings.

Everything worked like clockwork...just on Saturday alone, we flew 112 women and girls and our  event total was 211 women flying!!!!  I have been receiving countless emails of gratitude and happiness and many of them  want to part of this amazing adventure that is called flying!

I really do not have enough words to really express my gratitude for the time, dedication and love that all of the participants put to make this event happen. I am looking forward for next year....well maybe....

Ana Uribe Ruiz