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Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

West Valley Flying Club Rewards Program

West Valley Flying Club is excited to announce that, on June 1, we will be the first flying club in the area to offer a loyalty and rewards program.   

WVFC will be issuing points for various member “goals” and providing “rewards” when members reach certain point levels.  To keep things really simple, we’re starting with 3 goals and 3 rewards.  Here is the scheme:

For  Goals:

Attend a West Valley Flying Club Event e.g. BBQ, safety seminar, WVFC meeting  = 1 point.

Reserve and fly a WVFC plane = 2 points

Achievements e.g. Pass an FAA written exam or flight test, checkout in a new airplane = 3 points.

For Rewards:

At 12 points, receive a $10 iTunes gift card

At 25 points, receive a $20 Armadillo Willy’s gift card (It’s a great local BBQ restaurant)

At 75 points, receive a $100 Harris Ranch gift card (It’s a really great, not so local, steak restaurant)

You get to choose when to redeem points, but we highly encourage members to go for the biggest reward, as the steaks at the Harris Ranch restaurant are fantastic, and it’s also a great destination to fly to.

So how does it work?  It is well known that people can only carry so many loyalty cards before wallets and purses become stuffed with them.  So we’ve partnered with a company offering a universal loyalty card that can be used at hundreds of different businesses, now including West Valley Flying Club, and the card keeps track of what points you’ve earned and where.  The card comes in two formats, the standard credit card size and a mini-sized version.   The cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) so it only has to be held near the scanner rather than being swiped.  All members are eligible to receive a card for free.   The only requirement is to provide a phone number to link to the card, so that in the event you don’t have your card with you then a phone number can be used to add points.  After achieving each goal listed above, stop by one of the front desk locations and ask to add points to your account based on what you just did.  Simply bringing the card near the scanner brings up a menu on the staff computer and quickly allows them to add the appropriate amount of points.  A database keeps track of your points, when you’re getting close to a reward, and when you’ve redeemed points for a reward.

So on or after June 1, stop by the club, and be one of the first to join the program and start accumulating points towards your first reward.  Enjoy, and fly safe.