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The Community of Flying

Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

501(c)7 Flying Club

Most members know that we’re organized under an IRS rule called 501(c)7 social club.  The idea is that we’re a social club with a shared common interest – and that’s obviously aviation.  The word “social” can be liberally interpreted. At WVFC, we spend quite a bit of time and energy organizing events and for 2019 we raised the event “bar” in a host of ways.  As we feel this is a critical part of the club’s mission statement, we plan to continue these efforts into 2020. Here are some of the highlights from 2019.

·       Fly outs. We continue to organize a different fly out each month. They are advertised on the web site and posted in the calendar.  Any member is invited to join any of these fly outs.  They tend to be relatively short events (half a day) and focus on flying to nearby airports.  There’s usually a restaurant and lunch waiting at the destination.

·       Kids Camp.  In memory of longtime CFI Bill Hightower, the club organizes a day camp for kids (middle and high school) in March.  This was the second year we held the camp.  It’s a great immersion experience for the kids who get some ground school, visit the control tower, fly the G1000 simulators, and receive an actual flight in a Cessna 172S. Look for this event again in 2020.

·       Summer Party. While the club has always held a holiday party, beginning on our 45thbirthday we started a themed summer party to enjoy our outside space and fellow members each August. This year the theme was a Mexican Fiesta and if you missed the chocolate filled Churros for dessert then your life is not complete! Look for two more themed parties before our 50thbirthday party in August 2022.

·       Poker Run.  We started the Poker Run idea in 2018.  The idea is to fly to 5 pre-selected airports and at each stop collect a virtual poker card and the best hand wins.  This year we selected several of the larger “international” airports and members had fun figuring out how to handle landing, taxiing, and FBOs at airports like Sacramento International, San Jose International, and Oakland International. Stay tuned for the theme for 2020.

·       Camp Out. In 2019 we organized the first annual camp out at Columbia Airport in the Sierra Foothills. A low-key event where members can fly in to the campground, enjoy a BBQ, a movie, and stroll into the historic State Park.  We’ll be repeating this event again in 2020.

·       Halloween Event.  Another first for 2019, the club put on a Halloween Event for the kids, though the adults apparently enjoyed the movie, snacks, and beverages just as much as the kids!

·       Holiday Party 2019.   With just a few weeks to go, the 2019 Holiday Party will be held at the La Honda winery in Redwood City on Friday December 6that 7:00PM.  Join us for great food, beverages, and your chance to blend your own wine. Ever done that before?

The club has put on monthly new member orientation sessions and quarterly ownership seminars for the past few years. Starting in the second half of this year we began putting on the new member orientation every week, and increased the ownership seminars to monthly.  Overall participation at these events has increased due to these changes. We plan to continue this arrangement into 2020.

If the bigger events aren’t your thing or you aren’t able to make them, then please join us for BBQ or Pizza before the monthly Board Meetings (third Wednesday of the month at 5PM at Palo Alto) or at San Carlos on the second Sunday of the month at Noon.  And there’s Friday breakfast treats each week at both locations.

So, if you were wondering about what we do as a club to be “social”, then this is the latest “things to do” list.  We hope to see you at some/many/all of the events in the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.

Fly Safe.