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Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

“New” Cessna 152s for WVFC


We’ve all spent the last few years watching the “older” fleet dwindle.  The last of the training Cessna 152s and Cessna 172Ns left the flight line, replaced by shiny, well equipped Cessna 172S, Diamond DA40s, and Cirrus SR20s. These new planes have clean interiors, new paint, modern avionics, and a price point to match. 


There were, and still are, fundamental problems with the older 152/172s. They were generally tired looking, had old avionics, and suffered poor dispatch reliability, due primarily to the age of everything on the plane. They flew less, rented for less, and cost more to maintain than their modern brethren. They just didn’t make economic sense for the owners.  That’s why they all eventually went away.


A few years back, Aviat Aircraft started a program to take Cessna 152 airframes and completely strip and restore them with new everything (except the metal infrastructure/skins).  This meant new instrument panels, new avionics, new paint, new interior, new instruments, new plastic, and a new engine.  The result was a “new” 152.  AOPA purchased two of these planes to promote their “You Can Fly” program.  AOPA recently chose to sell the planes and were looking for a flying club to buy them, and continue promoting the You Can Fly message.  And what better flying club than West Valley to find a home for these bright yellow “new” Cessna 152s.  Meet N102UC and N152UF.  


N102UC is a full IFR platform including an IFR certified Garmin GTN650 GPS, ADS-B with on board traffic and weather.  The engine is almost new, the paint looks great, and the interior is fresh and clean.  All this for $119 per hour.  This enables more economical flight training, which has become more and more elusive over the past two decades.


N152UF is a VFR counterpart of N102UC, looks and flies the same as 2UC but rents for even less at $114. 


Many club members (including me) learned to fly in a 152. It’s truly a classic plane. We’re hoping that both new students and experienced pilots will build experience and find/rediscover the joy of flight in these two beautiful planes.  It should even be possible to take one of these planes over to Half Moon Bay and hit the $100 mark for that hamburger!


Fly Safe.