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Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

WVFC Monthly “Highlights”

For 2017, WVFC will be rolling out a new program called WVFC Monthly Highlights.  The program will leverage not only our traditional communication channels like the website, emails, newsletter, and bulletin but will introduce a whole series of events/news/highlights on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Each month, the club will pick a theme and run with it.  The program will launch on March 1, and the first monthly theme will be “Ratings”.  Each day of the week will have its’ own identity and we’ll utilize much of the established themes from Social Media – Throwback Thursday (TBT) being a good example. 

Each week, we’ll feature one of the club planes and run a promotion to encourage members to fly the plane more or, even better, for the first time.  For example, we might feature an Acro week during the tailwheel month and run a flat rate “first time Acro” lesson in the Super Decathlon.  We will also feature different CFIs during the month so that the membership gets to know the CFI at a deeper level than they might be able to find from the standard website bio.

We’ll have some fun with questions, quizzes, and each week we’ll put out a “Did you Know” fact about the club and what it offers you and the aviation community.  This hopefully helps address the significant challenge of keeping the membership appraised of everything that the club offers.

The program is designed to be interactive.  Its’ success will be dependent on the membership getting involved in the dialog and even straightening us out when we’ve got our facts wrong (shockingly that does happen from time to time).

You’ll start to see monthly theme banners in the club lobbies each month and hopefully they’ll trigger some good conversations about the theme of the month.  I look forward to talking to many of you throughout the year as we continue our journey together.  Thanks again for being a great membership and fly safe.