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Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

Block Rates

We have quite a few new programs lined up for 2017.  For this article, I would like to tell you about the new way we plan to handle block rates on our rental fleet.

The current block rate system is quite cumbersome, so we have been looking for ways to simplify the process and to make it a win for members, a win for the owners, and a win for the club in terms of administration overhead.  So here it is…

Owners will still choose to offer block rates, generally for 10-hour blocks, to be used in a 90-day time period.  This doesn’t change from the current method.

Renting members will no longer have to pre-pay for a block rate.  This is a significant change from the way things work now.  It saves the member the big chunk of money required to initiate a block rate.  Initially each flight will be billed at the “regular” rate.  Then after 10 hours of flying a plane (within the past 90 days) that offers a block rate, the member will send an email to requesting a block rate “rebate”.  The rebate will be the difference between the regular rate and block rate, times ten (for a 10-hour block).  The rebate will be applied to the member’s account, funded from the owner’s account.

This is also a win for the owners as well.  The block rate will only be issued after the block is completed.  Today, if a block isn’t finished, the owner subsidizes the first few hours but if the member stops flying that aircraft, the block funds simply get used up elsewhere because the block isn’t dedicated to that particular plane.

From a club perspective, there should be a significant reduction in administration. The staff will no longer need to correct block rates after the fact like when a member forgets to write “BLOCK” in the key book, or have to reach out to members when their block rate has run out and doesn’t qualify.  Now the MST will simply have to bring up the member’s flight record for the past 90 days, verify the hours flown meet the requirements and issue the rebate.  This is probably just a couple of minutes of work.

Like any new process or program, there are sure to be some bumps in the road and we look forward to working out the kinks and making this new program another great benefit for the membership.

Fly Safe