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Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

Diamond Aircraft

West Valley Flying Club is proud to announce a new strategic relationship with Diamond Aircraft.  Our new neighbor (in the space where the pilot shop used to be), Austro Aircraft, has been designated as the Authorized Diamond Dealer for Northern California and parts of Nevada.  They will be buying and selling new Diamond aircraft ranging from the single engine DA40, the twin-engine DA42, and the latest twin engine airplane from Diamond, the DA62.  They will be placing several Diamond airplanes on our flight line for members to rent.

Starting around mid-May we will be renting a brand new 2016, diesel (aka Jet-A) powered DA40NG (N125NG).  This is a state of the art single engine aircraft equipped with the latest technology including a G1000/GFC700 avionics suite.  It will rent for a very reasonable $199 per hour.  One of the reasons the rental rate can be kept low is because of the low fuel burn (approximately 5 gallons per hour of Jet-A, which generally costs a dollar less per gallon than 100LL).

Additionally, we will be adding a 2007 DA40XL (N732S).  This plane is powered by a traditional Lycoming engine, running on 100LL.  It also features a G1000/GFC700 avionics suite.  The rental rate on this plane is yet to be set, but it’s likely to be in the $175 range.

Around the July/August timeframe, we will be receiving a 2016 DA42NG.  This is a state of the art twin-engine aircraft that can also be used for primary twin training.  We haven’t had a twin trainer since our last 1980’s Duchess left the flight line a few years back.  We’ve been looking high and low for a replacement and continued to struggle to find something suitable.  Now we have a chance to leap frog other local clubs/FBOs.  This plane is also equipped with G1000/GFC700 and full WAAS capability.  At this time, the rental rate has not been set, but with two engines each burning only 5 gallons per hour of Jet-A, the operating costs are quite favorable for a light twin.

We hope both instructors and members see this new initiative as a way to broaden our fleet with a range of planes from a manufacturer who produces solid and reliable aircraft that are fun and easy to fly.  When you get a chance, stop by the office of Austro Aircraft and say hello to the founders Majid and Farhad.  They have remodeled the space and made it a welcoming place to go and talk about everything Diamond.

Safe Flying