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Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC


I am excited to announce the newest “simulator” to arrive at the club.   In January 2016 we installed the TouchTrainer by FlyThisSim, a San Luis Obispo based simulation company.  They have put together a remarkable device that is capable of simulating multiple cockpit configurations through the use of reconfigurable touch screens.  While the tactile feel of switches and knobs is missing, it is more than made up for by the richness of the graphics and accuracy of the cockpits.  The device supports every Cirrus make and model, and every Cessna make and model.  As an avid Cirrus pilot, I was keen to try out the Cirrus SR20 Avidyne configuration and put it through it’s’ paces.  I was impressed.  It is a remarkably accurate simulation both in terms of the cockpit layout, avionics functionality, autopilot performance and characteristics, and the power/performance settings match the real plane.  In the real SR20, set the power to 55% and the plane will slow to 120K.  At that speed, one can deploy the first notch of flaps and the speed will slow to about 110K. I tried the same configuration in the SIM and got almost exactly the same results.  They’ve done a great job.  And you can even pull the parachute and see what happens!

The SIM will be treated the same way as our other training devices.  All regular members are eligible for 1 free hour per month.  This is in addition to a free hour on both of our PAO and SQL PFC G1000 devices.  Play your cards right and now regular members can get up to 3 free hours per month across the various devices. 

The number of SIM hours has steadily increased over the past 12 months as more and more instructors and members appreciate the true value of these devices.  They can learn the sophisticated avionics at reduced or free rates as supposed to spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the real plane.  Since we acquired the Palo Alto G1000 SIM in early 2013, it has logged more than 1000 hours of flight time and it’s still going strong.

The new SIM has so-called wrap around visuals and provides superb XPlane 10 graphics of the environment you are flying.  You can even fly around the Bay Area and familiarize yourself with landmarks, airports, reservoirs, water ways, the Bay and so on.

We will spend the next few weeks checking out instructors on the device.  You are welcome to get checked out yourself as soon as possible.  We don’t require any paperwork to complete the checkout, just an email from your CFI stating that you understand the start-up and shutdown procedures and we’ll go ahead and enter you into the system for scheduling privileges.  I think many of you will get a lot of good experience from the SIM, so please make good use of it.