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The Community of Flying

Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC


Before I spend my time talking about kids, I would like to spend a little time to talk about women in aviation.  Nationally, women and girls make up only about 6% of the student and pilot population.  So it is with great pleasure to say a huge thank you to WVFC member, Ana Ruiz, for organizing the San Carlos section of the recent Women of Aviation event.  West Valley owners donated their planes, WVFC CFIs and staff donated their time, and the club also contributed money to support the event.  We are hugely grateful to the many people who supported the event which turned into a huge success in terms of numbers of girls and women attending, the number of intro flights given, and the great women speakers at the event.  I am so proud that it was WVFC that was at the center of much of this event and we were all able and willing to give so much.  Thank you.

There’s little doubt in my mind that the future of GA lies in the hands of our kids.  And these kids already have a lot of distractions beyond airplanes and flying.  So, as a club, we’ve decided to up our efforts to make the club more inviting and interesting for kids.

There are some little things and larger projects underway.  If you come into the lobby of the club, you’ll find coloring and activity books, specifically designed by us, for the younger kids.  It’s fun, educational, and plants an early seed in their minds that aviation, planes, and flying are both fun and interesting.  While they’re coloring, they also get to pet one of the coolest aviation cats in the business – Fizzdo - who provides endless hours of entertainment for these kids.

We currently have several young kids learning to fly at the club.  They range in age from as young as 11 all the way through high school.  Just a couple of weeks ago we had a kid solo on his 16th birthday.

Now we’re embarking on another new program: a summer camp for high school kids.  The camp is a week long, with about 6 hours of activities each day.  Each kid will get to spend about 10 hours in a plane, of which 5 hours will be at the controls.  There will be planned trips to places of interest like ATC facilities, aviation museums and more.  There is a minimum of 2 kids required per week and the program will run various weeks between early June and late August.  The cost is $995 per person for the week and includes everything except lunch money.  A deposit of $495 is required to reserve a spot.

Please contact Ashley Porath, if you are interested in the summer camp program.

We are planning other initiatives specifically for kids and as details emerge you will be the first to know.  In the meantime, bring your kids down to the club and show them around.  Fizzdo will be there to greet them.