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The Community of Flying

Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

New WVFC Safety Office

First of all, I would like to wish every member a happy and prosperous New Year.

2013 was a big year for the club with the introduction of Schedule Master - our new accounting system, a major remodel of our PAO clubhouse, new G1000 SIMs, new high speed Internet, and taking over the management of the Phillips 66 Fuel Service at PAO. 

2014 promises to bring several more improvements to the club.  One of the changes is the creation of the new Safety Office.  I would like to use this forum to tell you more about this exciting development.

The Safety Office will consist of three different roles, held by three different people.  The manager of the group will be Ashley Porath.  She has been assisting in the Chief Pilot Office for several years and knows the roles and responsibilities of that office extremely well.  She will continue to be responsible for most of the logistical and administrative functions that are necessary to keep the membership flying safely.  

There are two new roles as a part of the Safety Office.  Both roles are going to be managed on a consultant/contractor basis, and we plan to manage the cost of these roles effectively to get the maximum return for our investment.

The Safety Officer will be responsible for most of the flying aspect of the old Chief Pilot role.  This will include conducting phase checks, remediation, managing the CFI line checks once a year, and half of the CFI meetings.  We are excited to announce that Don Styles, the current CFI Board Representative, was elected by the Board to fill this role.  

The Standards Officer will be responsible for most of the non-flying aspect of the old Chief Pilot role.  This includes setting and managing the standards by which the membership is held to for checking out and maintaining currency in our fleet. There is also the interface between the membership and maintenance, the Safety Seminar series, safety meetings, and half of the CFI meetings.  We are pleased that WVFC CFI Mike May was selected, from a group of 4 internal candidates, to fill this role.

We believe that this team of three brings vast experience and institutional knowledge to the club.  We also believe that many of our processes will speed up because we have members of the team who are more focused and able to substitute for one another when someone else is absent from the club.

The team officially kicked-off on Monday February 3, 2014.  They can all be reached in a new group email at  While we will maintain the old for sometime, we ask that you use the safety office email as much as possible as we move forward.

Thank you for your support as we continue to move the club in new directions that meet the needs of the membership while maintaining our great long-term safety record.