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The Community of Flying

Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC


I would like to take this forum to let you know of some changes regarding club communications.  Until recently the club has issued the following communications throughout the year:

1)     A monthly bulletin with financial, fleet, and operational updates.

2)     A monthly newsletter with articles on safety, flying techniques, and club news

3)     A monthly events letter with details on upcoming events

4)     A quarterly Fleet News dedicated to updates on fleet additions and subtractions.

5)     Occasional emails dedicated to special upcoming events.


This equates to a minimum of 40 emails a year plus any special ones.

The team looked at the effectiveness of each of the above items and decided to make some consolidations to reduce the total number of communications a member receives, and to also reduce the time club staff spends on producing the various communication pieces.  We believe the saved time can be better spent on other projects that can benefit the club in different ways.  As a result, the communications will now be as follows:

1)     The monthly bulletin, as before, with upcoming events for the month included in a new section of the bulletin.

2)     The newsletter will now be issued quarterly.  It will be issued approximately half way through the quarter.

3)     The events letter will be eliminated and combined with the bulletin in #1

4)     The quarterly Fleet News will continue as is.

5)     There will continue to be emails dedicated to special upcoming events.

This reduces the number of emails to 20 per year, or a 50% reduction.

We do not anticipate any reduction in news or information being disseminated to the membership and hope that the “open rates” on these emails actually increase as a result of these changes.  If you have any additional thoughts on these changes, then please feel free to let me know at

Fly Safe