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Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC


Free!  Everyone loves that word!  But usually there’s a trick.  Not this time.  As part of our continuing efforts to revamp the club, we have acquired brand new simulators.  It was well known that our old simulators were, well, let’s just be polite and say old.  We have a new Sim room at Palo Alto.  It houses two brand new PFC simulators, a G1000 unit and a 6-pack unit.  Both units run the same X-Plane 9 visuals.  I’ve flown both and can confidently say that the visuals are stunningly good.  I’ve had bird strikes, seen deer on the runway, and the weather can be absolutely evil!

So, here’s the really cool part.  The club (read you) owns the G1000 unit outright.  As such, we can pretty much do what we want with it.  So for starters, we’re offering every regular member a free hour per month.  That’s a $50 value which we hope a lot of members will take advantage of.   To keep things simple, we’re not going to let free hours accumulate from month to month, so it is pretty much use it or lose it on a monthly basis, so my suggestion would be to use it.  I’m hoping/expecting that the G1000 unit will be very busy, and that’s a good thing.  Here is a fantastic tool to do initial G1000 button/knobology training on.  It’s great for significant parts of an instrument rating.  It can also be used for an IPC, general proficiency, and on and on.

Like any simulator, there are a few quirks to the start-up, set-up, and shutdown so we’re requesting that any member interested, first get with their CFI and run through the use of the unit.  And please remember, most SIM time cannot be counted for ratings or currency unless a qualified CFI is at the session.  That’s not to say you cannot fly the SIM as much as you want, but just be sure you’re logging SIM time appropriately. 

After the free hour is used, each month, the SIM will cost $50 per hour.  This is still a good deal for such an advanced G1000 simulator that features Synthetic Vision, Terrain, Obstacles, WAAS GPS, GFC700 autopilot and much more.  Around mid-March we’ll be receiving an identical G1000 until for our SQL facility.  That unit will not be club owned, but the owner has offered 1 free hour (one-time) to any member and then $50 per hour for subsequent usage.

And don’t forget the new 6 pack simulator.  It features 26 different airplanes, including several multi-engine models.  It has a GNS430 GPS unit, a great autopilot, and the same awesome XPlane 9 visual display.  It rents for $35, also a great deal for such an advanced simulator.

So, it’s time to re-energize the WVFC simulator program and we trust you, the membership, will take full advantage of the offerings.

Fly safe!