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The Community of Flying

Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

Happy 2013

Happy New Year!  I want to tell you a little bit about club plans for 2013.  There are lots of exciting changes coming, many of them early in the year.

1)     A new scheduling system – Schedule Master.  If you haven’t already heard, in mid to late January, the club will complete the transition from CASSi to Schedule Master.  There has been an extensive behind the scenes effort to make the transition as smooth as possible but like any technological shift, there will be some bumps and we’ll work through them as expeditiously as possible.

2)     A new accounting system – Intuit QB Online.  On January 1, 2013 the club switched from a very antiquated system, Navision, to a state of the art, cloud hosted version of QuickBooks.  This is a huge step forward because Quickbooks is ideally suited for an organization of our size.  With the completion of #1 and #2, the club IT systems will be completely hosted in the cloud and will no longer have any local servers which have caused so much grief in the last couple of years.

3)     A new fiscal year.  We are switching from April-March fiscal year to a January to December cycle.  This lines up much better with most other club activities.  The switch occurred on January 1, 2013.

4)     New simulators.  In late January 2013, the club will be receiving two brand new PFC simulators, a G1000 model and a 6 pack model.  The G1000 model will be owned by you, the membership, which is a shift from the past model of all simulators being owned by individuals.  We are going to experiment with a new business model by offering every member 1 free hour per month on the new G1000 unit.  While free hours cannot be accumulated month to month, this is a $50 value per month, almost covering the regular $55 membership dues.   We hope to see a very high interest level in this new model.

5)     PAO facilities.  In January and February of 2013, the lobby at PAO will be remodeled.  More significantly, throughout 2013, the entire PAO facility will be completely remodeled giving us a fresh, clean, and more functional space.

6)     The fleet.  Throughout 2013, we will continue to rebuild the fleet towards our current goal of 50 aircraft.  We dropped as low as 40 aircraft a few months back and we’re currently at 45.   We are fairly sure about what the next 5 aircraft need to be and will be working diligently to acquire them.

7)     A summer party/event.  We had such positive feedback from the 2012 Luau that we are planning another event for the summer of 2013.  Details are still being worked out and we are looking for sponsorship to help make it happen.

8)     West Valley Flyers.  This new group will be organizing various trips throughout 2013 to encourage the membership to get together for fly-outs to various locations, both near and far.

9)     Summer Program for High School kids.  Once again, in June, we will be offering a week long summer program for high school kids to get an introduction to aviation.  It’s a fantastic summer camp idea for your older kids and a relative bargain at $995 for the entire week including several hours in the cockpit. On the subject of kids, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of kids learning to fly at WVFC.  We even have a 10 year old!  So if you’ve ever considered signing up your child to learn to fly or just to fly, then we have quite the group developing that we would love to add to.

10)   Events.  The club will increase the number of educational events for the membership.  These include, but are not limited to, the New Pilot and Student group, information sessions for new members, information sessions for prospective aircraft owners, and traditional safety seminars.

I hope this gives you just a taste of what we have in store for you in 2013.  If you have any thoughts on any of the above items or have other suggestions then please reach me via email at and I would love to discuss them.