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Student and New Pilot Support Group

Student and New Pilot Group

Oxygen use in Aviation and Trip Report to Shelter Cove

The Student and New Pilot group met in San Carlos for a packed meeting on the 1st of April. These meetings have been attracting various pilots from the Bay Area that meet to share information. The topic of the meeting included a great presentation and discussion about oxygen for general aviation. Trip reports, given by our group’s members, continue to be a popular feature. Michael Vowles and Herb Patten gave a report on a recent flight to Shelter Cove, 0Q5.

Michael Laccabue, CFI led the group in a discussion about oxygen use in aviation. This started with a refresher of the regulations on when oxygen is required followed by a review of the physiology impacts of the lack of oxygen. The group listened to an audio recording of a pilot experiencing hypoxia and the steps ATC took to assist the pilot. Michael also presented material from an FAA aerospace physiology training seminar that is performed using a hypobaric (altitude) chamber to simulate flight at various altitudes and simulate rapid decompression.

There were several portable oxygen systems and cannulas that were brought in and passed around.  The group was able to see how these systems work. Most clubs have portable tanks for use and the various club policies were covered for members that want to use them. For those that own their own portable systems a regulation was highlighted that requires tanks to be hydrostatically tested every five (5) years. The full presentation can be found on

Once again the group was treated to a trip report which provides other pilots information about a specific airport including flight planning and observations about the destination airport. Michael and Herb shared details from a recent flight to Shelter Cove. Shelter Cove is an airport south of Eureka that sits nearly on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The flight up the coast offers beautiful scenery when the weather conditions are VFR. The airport is surrounded by a nine-hole golf course as well as ocean view homes. The AFD has several relevant notes about weather conditions. Herb and Michael provided a review of what to expect at the airport including a report of food options.

The airport is near the Black Sands Beach and the Lost Coast Trail which provides options for those that like to hike. An RV park that offers camping is right next to the airport. There are several options to grab something to eat as well as lodging options if you make it an extended weekend. The Shelter Cove trip report includes important and valuable information if you make the flight. It can be found on the web site

A key benefit to this group is the opportunity to share information and meet other pilots.  We invite any interested pilot to attend our next meeting.  The group is going to start rotating meeting locations to accommodate the broader group so please be aware that our next meeting on May 6th at 7:00 PM will be held at the San Carlos Airport Office – in the terminal building at the San Carlos Airport.

The topics of discussion will be:

·       San Carlos Airport Operations

§  Trip report from Little River, KLLR

Everyone, whatever and wherever they fly is welcome. In addition to some tasty pizza and soda, you will have a great chance to meet your fellow pilots in an informal setting.

To subscribe to this group, please email: The presentation from this session is posted on this group site.

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