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Student and New Pilot Support Group

Student and New Pilot Group

Electronic Logbooks and Trip Report to Santa Monica

The Student and New Pilot group met at the San Carlos WVFC Club House for a packed meeting. These meetings have been attracting various pilots from the Bay Area that meet to share information. The topic of the meeting included a presentation by Herb and discussion of a number of different electronic logbooks available.  Trip reports, given by our group’s members, continue to be a popular feature. Stoo gave us a report on his recent flight to Santa Monica airport, KSMO.

Herb provided the group with a thorough review including the pros and cons of the three electronic logbooks listed below. Although our group does not want to endorse a particular product, we have included some comments:

·       ZuluLog – Both EX (free) and Platinum (fee/month) versions

·       Pilot Pro - $39.99

·       MyFlightbook – free (good value for the money!)

A discussion as to whether an electronic logbook could be used for the purposes of a check-ride or how CFIs would sign-off flights and endorsements ensued.  The group is still looking into the check-ride question, but is seeking further guidance and will report back its findings next month. Members also offered their solutions including roll your own logbook using Excel, LogTen Pro, and Climb! One of the members shared that they scan their logbook pages on a regular basis to act as backup.

Once again the group was treated to a trip report which provides other pilots information about a specific airport including flight planning and observations about the destination airport. Stoo shared that Santa Monica airport is on the list of AOPA‘s “top 10 endangered” airports.  Noise abatement is very important at this airport therefore it is recommended that you do your homework prior to landing at KSMO.  Of course there is also the LA airspace to navigate as you approach KSMO.  Stoo mentioned that he was vectored a number of times prior to landing. He also shared a very useful tip on what is meant when the tower controller directs you to “angle left” after landing. It is important to note that the airport charges a landing fee by mail – approximately $5 and it will be charged to the owner of the aircraft usually a number of weeks after the trip has taken place.

The airport is only a short cab ride to the beach and is very close to Los Angeles and all the city has to offer.  Stoo recommends going for at least an overnight visit since there is so much to see and do. The Santa Monica trip report includes important and valuable information of interest if you make the flight. It can be found on the web site

A key benefit to this group is the opportunity to share information and meet other pilots.  We invite any interested pilot to attend our next meeting.  The group is going to start rotating meeting locations to accommodate the larger group so please be aware that our next meeting on April 1st at 7:00 PM will be held at the San Carlos Flight Center – upstairs from the West Valley Flying Club facilitates at the San Carlos Airport.

The topics of discussion will be:

·       Oxygen Systems and Usage for Aviation

§  Trip report from Las Vegas

Everyone, whatever and wherever you fly is welcome. In addition to some tasty pizza and soda, you will have a great chance to meet your fellow pilots in an informal setting.

To subscribe to this group, please email: The presentation from this session is posted on this group site.

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