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Pilot Decision Making


Lindell Wilson, WVFC CFI

Decision Making: FlyQ Review

AOPA recently launched the FlyQ Pocket application for mobile devices (iPhone and Android). It is a comprehensive flight companion using your current location to provide relevant information for airports, weather, and flight planning. Having all this useful information on my mobile device (iPhone) is super handy plus I can make better pre-flight and in-flight decisions based on current information. Of course, I would not have my phone on during-the-flight…J Let’s take a closer look at FlyQ.

The Airport screen displays airports sorted by distance, identifier, name, or recently viewed. If you click on KPAO for example, a new page shows detailed airport information including elevation, TPA, runway number/length, lighting, fuel, aerial picture, frequencies, and nearby navaids. If you click the weather tab, you get current METAR and TAF (KSJC is the closest TAF). Two additional tabs, services and nearby airports, provides a list of KPAO services (FBOs, car rental, taxis, restaurants, attractions, FAA info) and links to nearby airports. I really like the airport look-up by identifier or name (or city).

The Weather screen shows local, regional, and national weather products. There is a weather Gallery tab (US or Canada) which lists Airmets/sigmets, freezing levels, icing, radar, prog charts, and satellite.

Flight planning is fun and reasonably easy. After entering my DUAT (DTC) information (FlyQ only works with DTC DUAT) and selecting my aircraft, I entered… From: KSQL and To: KGEG (Spokane) using Victor Airways. I selected optimize-for-best-winds, then clicked “Create” flight plan. Wow, I quickly received a flight plan (auto routing) with eleven VOR/Intersection waypoints. I can edit my route by adding or removing waypoints. It is only 673 nm, 7 hours, and 63.4 gallons to Spokane in a C172…L Looks like I will need to stop several times for fuel and breaks.

The Good and the Bad – TFRs are clearly labeled “Temporary Flight Restrictions”, but unfortunately they are buried (FDC text) way-down in the weather briefing section.

Checkout FlyQ on the AOPA website…good and free...)