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Owner's Corner

Lloyd Stephens, Aircraft Owner and Board Member WVFC  

Take Care of Those Planes

Many flying clubs do not provide insurance that protects members who rent planes--West Valley does.  In case of loss or damage to the planes, or damage to other property, members are covered by our insurance policies to the limit of the policy (with the exception of the deductible--and the club allows you to purchase a deductible waiver to cover that as well).  

Though the club negotiates the cost of these policies with our insurance agent, it is not the club but the owners of the aircraft who pay the premiums.  As you might expect, insurance for club aircraft is considerably more expensive than insuring your own personal aircraft.  WVFC has a considerable history of safe flying, which has resulted in the rates for our insurance being very favorable.  During 2012, however, club members had a number of incidents that resulted in insurance claims.  

The club's insurance policies come up for renewal on July 1 of every year, and we were concerned that our policy rates for this year could be raised as a result of last year's claims.  Because of our history of safe flying, though, we were able to renew our policies at the same rate as last year.  We were advised, however, that we cannot continue to have the number of claims we had during 2012 without having our rates raised.  This is not only of concern to the aircraft owners, but also to every member, because the rate you pay to fly the aircraft is likely to go up if the insurance rates go up.  The owners can't fly along with you to make sure that you are flying safely and are taking good care of the aircraft.  We have to depend on each of you to do so independently.  And so, we ask you to please use good judgment, fly safely, and bring the aircraft back in one piece. Thanks!