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From the Desk of the Safety Office


Michael May, Standards Officer WVFC

Safety Office Update

As we begin 2016, the Safety Office has a few projects that we intend to complete this year, and that are designed to make the member experience better while enhancing safety.  Using member survey data to help us identify areas that members feel need improvement, we have created specific goals and are working with our staff and CFI’s to achieve them.

The first and largest project we will be undertaking is an update of our current Phase Check program. While the overall feedback of the Phase Check program is overwhelmingly positive, there are some specific areas that members, CFI’s, and staff have indicated are in need of attention. This is by far the largest project that we will work on this year, and it will encompass all aspects of the program. We expect to have this update completed by the end of June, and when it’s finished it will result in a more user-friendly experience while maintaining the safety and training benefits that it currently provides the club and its members.

Not far behind the Phase Check update will be an update to our club Member Regulations and our associated checkout forms. New members, student pilots, and existing members that complete new aircraft checkouts will notice these changes the most. Like the Phase Check program, our goal is to create a more member-friendly experience when completing an aircraft checkout or joining the club. Some of our forms reference outdated material (who remembers CASSi?) and will be updated. While we’re updating forms, we will be looking at reducing or eliminating certain forms to make our paperwork easier to work through.

Finally, our focus on maintaining our safety culture will continue. As I have written about previously, a safety culture is not an easy thing to either create or maintain, so we must continue to strive to keep the positive safety culture that the club currently enjoys. The club maintains an excellent safety record and this will continue to be our number one priority. Working with the staff, CFI’s, and membership we are continuing to ensure that WVFC maintains the highest safety standards.

Looking ahead to 2016, I’m excited for the improvements that we expect to complete this year. As always, your feedback is strongly encouraged. Member surveys, emails, and meetings all contributed to the improvements currently underway. We will be looking forward to your feedback, good and bad, so that we can continue to improve.