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From Flight Operations and Safety


Jim Higgins, Director of Flight Operations & Safety WVFC


What would you have done?


I recently found an amazing monthly publication from NASA called CALLBACK.  Some of you may know of it, but if you haven't seen it yet or recently, it really is worth a good look.  They have a number of different features and all of them are great, but one which I really like is the series "What Would You Have Done?"  


This is a great series that presents the ASRS reports in 2 parts, all in the words of the reporting pilots. Part 1 has the setup and presentation of the problem or issue.  With a break, you get to ask yourself what would you have done?  All of the different cases (3 or 4 per issue) are presented together in Part 1, and then have all the outcomes and conclusions separately in Part 2. 


It's great because instead of just second guessing the pilots, you can actually first guess them!  You can determine what your course of action would be and compare it to the pilot reporting.  I think this has great value if you can transplant yourself into that situation and force yourself to make a quick on the spot decision.  Then think about it for a few minutes relaxed with no rush and see if you come up with a different thought. 


Lastly, read Part 2 and see how it ends.  It's a great opportunity to analyze and evaluate your own thought process.  The link is below.  Read a few and reach back out to me at the club and let me "what would you have done?"