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Feature Article 2


Darryl Kalthof, WVFC CFI


“I do windows - the right way”

 “What is wrong with this window?”

It has been cleaned with a window towel that became co-mingled with some oil in the WVFC aircraft preflight supply bin.

– “This is how it happens”


The club has tried using plastic bags to keep window towels (microfiber) separate from oil in the bins, but this has not worked.  I have bought and cut some small plastic containers to go into the bins – that I hope will hold the window towels and keep them free of oil. 

“Window towel left outside of plastic holding container after use on preflight by WVFC member.”

It is OK to place a window towel into its plastic holding container, even if it is wet.  I cut the holes so they can still dry before the next use.

Also: Never use the course orange/yellow terry cloth oil rags for cleaning the windows.  They have oil and can be very dirty.

If a window towel is very dirty WVFC can exchange it.  If your window spray is empty – please observe it in the key-book.  You can use water to clean the window, but it is not as easy as the spray.