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Noise abatement procedures at other airports

Often times when going to a new airport there will be a note about noise abatement procedures. For example the AFD may have a note that says “Noise abatement procedures in effect - ctc arpt manager”.

Calling the airport manager can be burdensome since they are not always there sitting at their phone waiting to answer your question.

Sometimes noise abatement procedures can be found online on the airport’s web site and are in various formats. In a recent FAA Safety session I ran across a new web site that is targeting to be a central place where airports can document the noise abatement procedures and pilots can have a single source to obtain them.

Whispertrack, a firm based in Truckee, CA, just released the first ever online content management and distribution platform that allows airports to create, manage, centralize, publish, print, and electronically distribute airport noise abatement procedures. Whispertrack also claims to integrate with ForeFlight but I have been unable to find out how that works.

This site is not complete as a number of airports, e.g. RHV, MRY are listed with the note that states: "The airport is currently updating their noise abatement procedures. Noise abatement procedures will be available soon."

Nevertheless, this seems like a great direction. Check out