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Steve Blonstein, General Manager WVFC

New Chief Pilot

We are very excited to introduce our new Chief Pilot to the membership.  Jesse Gamueda comes to us from Denver, CO where, up until recently, he has been a professional pilot for several part 135 business jet operators.  Jesse has a wide variety of experience from GA, to corporate, and even several hundred hours of acro!  Jesse will be working part-time (20 hours per week) and will additionally be doing a fair number of phase checks.  His main office will be in Palo Alto, though he plans to spend each Tuesday at San Carlos for the membership there to meet and work with him.  He will generally be working afternoon hours should you want to stop by and chat or to set up a meeting. 

As most of you know, I have been the acting Chief Pilot for the past 12 months while the Chief Pilot search was conducted.  I have interacted with many of you on different levels in that role and have thoroughly enjoyed working with members on numerous scenarios, ideas, and issues.   Now I would request that future discussions and requests concerning Chief Pilot matters be directed to Jesse.  Examples include checkout questions, exceptions, exemptions, overrides, extended rental agreements, non-AFD airport permissions, safety, and process discussions. 

Jesse can be reached via email at .  Please stop by and introduce yourself when you get a chance.  Jesse has a lot of cool stories.