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Learn to Fly

No matter what your ultimate goal in aviation is, you will start by earning a Private Pilot's license.

Beginning Private Pilots – Learning to Fly

  • Be at least 16 years old to solo
  • Be at least 17 years to take FAA practical test
  • Be able to read, speak, and write in English
  • Pass a physical exam administered by an Aviation Medical Examiner
  • Pass a written exam (at least 70%)
  • Complete a practical test with FAA examiner

Legal Minimum Required Instruction*

  • 40 hours total flight time
  • 20 hours of flight instruction
  • 10 hours of solo flight
  • 3 hours of cross country
  • 3 hours of night instruction
  • 3 hours of simulated instrument
  • 3 hours of preparation for practical test

    *National average is approximately 80 hours

3 steps to becoming a Private Pilot

  • Pre-Solo - Airplane handling, going to/from a practice area, take-offs and landings, radio communications (approx. 40 hours).
  • Cross-country: Navigation to/from distant airports.  Advanced take-offs and landings, handling emergencies. (approx 20 hours).
  • Practical test: Preparation for the FAA practical test. (approx. 20 hours).

Once you have earned a Private license, you can work toward other certificates. A Commercial certificate allows you to be paid for your flying. A CFI (Certificated Flight instructor) certificate enables you to teach others. An Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATP) is what you'll need if you want to fly a commercial airliner. You can also add a variety of ratings that will allow you to expand your activities to include piloting multi-engine airplanes and/or navigating using instruments through the fog and clouds. 

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Estimate of Cost for Private Pilot License*
 70 hours of dual flight time $16300
 10 hours of solo flight time $1500
 12 months members dues $540
 FAA practical exam fee $700
 Books and supplies $300
 Ground school $250
 FAA knowledge test $150
 Medical exam $150
 Total $19740

*Assumes  typical $150/hr aircraft rate, $80/hr CFI fee.  Actual costs vary depending upon choice of aircraft, CFI, and total hours flown.  

Aircraft rentals are available for as low as $99/hr.  Instructor rates are available as low as $60 per hour.