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O'Dea, Kelly

Instructor Name: O'Dea, Kelly

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General Information
 Base Airport   PAO, SQL
 Teaches At   PAO, SQL
 Accepts New Students   Yes
 Payment Types Accepted   Cash/Check
  (650) 722-2125
 Hourly Rate   $120
 Ratings Held   See Below
 AC Instructs In   See Below

 About the Instructor

Ratings held:
Commercial ME, SEL, CFI, CFII, AGI

AC Instructs in:


Why are you a Certified Flight Instructor?

Flight instructing is a fulfilling and gratifying profession. I thrive on keeping students enthusiastic about their progress and always looking forward to their next lesson. I am able to find creative ways to help students through plateaus and maintain progressive focus.

How long have you been instructing?
I have been instructing since 2009.

Do you tend to favor PAO or SQL, and how might it affect a student's ability to schedule time?
I am willing to work at each location.

How would you describe your availability in general?
I schedule by appointment and can adapt to my client's needs with advance notice.

What method of ground school do you prefer and how does it relate to your syllabus?
I prefer to manage my student's ground school and FAA written test prep through a curriculum of one on one lessons combined with an online program of comprehensive subject matter and expect my students to maintain a disciplined approach to studying and taking practice exams on a consistent basis until they are prepared.

What is your favorite aircraft to instruct in?
The Cessna product line is great for training. I also instruct in the Grumman, Beechcraft and Piper equipment.

What are your aircraft recommendations for a new student?
Choose an aircraft you enjoy being in and that has ample back-up options in case the plane is being used by another student or needs maintenance. 

What percentage of your students pass their checkride on the first try?
I've only had one student not pass on the first try. I believe it was due to pressure of needing to permanently leave the country in 3 days, not due to being unprepared.

Additional Comments:
I teach in the G1000 as well as the conventional cockpit. I've been flying in the SF Bay Area for 15 years and received my initial certificates at KSQL. I also have extensive experience in mountain flying and I'm no stranger to heavy crosswinds. I am aware of my own personal limitations and will always consider the comfort and safety of my client while on the ground or in the air.