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Franz, Steffen

Instructor Name: Franz, Steffen

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General Information
 Base Airport   PAO, SQL
 Teaches At   PAO, SQL
 Accepts New Students   Yes
 Payment Types Accepted   PayPal, Visa
  (650) 255-1290
 Hourly Rate   $80-90
 Ratings Held   See Below
 AC Instructs In   See Below

 About the Instructor

Ratings Held:
Advanced Ground, Instrument Ground, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFI-I

AC Instructs In:
Mainly C172s. I have done some instruction in a TR182 retractable gear, but the smaller 172 is my preferred airplane for instruction.

Why are you a Certified Flight Instructor?
Enjoying teaching others in my professional career in the software technology business. I wanted to do the same in the field of aviation. To see students learn, evolve and staying in touch with them after they achieved their rating(s) is one of the driving factors for me. One of my favorite quotes is "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." (Benjamin Franklin). That is how I try to approach involving people in learning how to fly. 

How long have you been instructing?
Ground schools at WVFC for 4 years and 2 years as a flight instructor in another club. 

Do you tend to favor PAO or SQL, and how might it affect a student's ability to schedule time?
I did some of my ratings at SQL and some at PAO. Both airports are within short distance to where I live. This is a choice for the student which airport he/she prefers.

How would you describe your availability in general?
I'm a part-time instructor. Weekday evenings after 5pm and weekends are my best times to be available.

What method of ground school do you prefer and how does it relate to your syllabus?
When I went through the ratings to become an instructor I preferred using the Gleim books myself. There are other commercially available products for self study. However, I think that while self-study is very helpful, some one on one instruction with your flight instructor is necessary.

What is your favorite aircraft to instruct in?
Always enjoyed the simplicity and forgiveness of a C172 as a trainer. It has a good size/cost ratio and is a very reliable aircraft.

What are your aircraft recommendations for a new student?
Start simple. An aircraft such as the C172 is probably the best choice to get your feet wet. It is a very good training aircraft that will reward the student in return. It's also one of the most widely used aircraft in flight schools, which makes it easier during and after training to continue flying.

What percentage of your students pass their check ride on the first try?
One student had to give it a second try.