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Dietz, Lou

Instructor Name: Dietz, Lou

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General Information
 Base Airport   PAO
 Teaches At   PAO, SQL
 Accepts New Students   No
 Payment Types Accepted   PayPal/Venmo/ApplePay/Check
  (650) 278-9137
 Hourly Rate   $90
 Ratings Held   See Below
 AC Instructs In   See Below

 About the Instructor
Ratings held:
ASEL, ASES, Instrument Airplane, Glider, CFI, CFII

AC Instructs in:
Tailwheels: 7ECA, 7GCAA, 8KCAB, C-180, Piper J-3 Cub, Stinson 108, PT-17 (Stearman); Tricycle gear: C-152, C-172, C-172RG, C-182, PA28-161,
PA28-181, DA-20

Why are you a Certified Flight Instructor?

I love to fly and I can't get enough of it. And I really enjoy sharing this passion with others. Teaching, and watching a student overcome difficulties and "getting it", is another joy of it's own!

How long have you been instructing?
On and off, since 1990. 

Do you tend to favor PAO or SQL, and how might it affect a student's ability to schedule time?
I prefer PAO, but am happy to work out of SQL also with prior arrangement.

How would you describe your availability in general?
Weekdays after 12:00 (noon), and all-day Saturday. Other times by prior arrangement. 

What method of ground school do you prefer and how does it relate to your syllabus?
No preference. Different formats (classes, DVDs, on-line) work better for different people, and I will work with their preference. 

What is your favorite aircraft to instruct in?
I tend to prefer the stick-and-rudder discipline imposed by tailwheel aircraft, but really love them all. 

What are your aircraft recommendations for a new student?
I prefer tailwheels for Private Pilot training (Citabrias). For Instrument Rating, I prefer C172 with G1000. But I am always happy to explore other options and work with the client's preferences. 

What percentage of your students pass their checkride on the first try?
About 90%

Additional Comments:
I've had a career in electrical engineering, and I really enjoy the technical aspects of flying, including IFR, in "the system" and "by the numbers". But I also learned early in my flying career that nothing beats the pure stick-and-rudder fun of taildraggers and gliders. While flying is demanding of all of your faculties, attention, and respect, it can also be a meditative escape from the other pressures and complications of life. I've owned a share of a Cessna 180 for many years, and enjoy using it to travel around the western US and Mexico.