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Curry, Brian

Instructor Name: Curry, Brian

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General Information
 Base Airport   SQL
 Teaches At   PAO, SQL
 Accepts New Students   Yes
 Payment Types Accepted   Visa/MC/Amex/PayPal
  (619) 200-9222
 Hourly Rate   $70
 Ratings Held   See Below
 AC Instructs In   See Below

 About the Instructor

Ratings held:


AC Instructs in:

Cessna 162, 172, 182; Piper Archer and Warrior

Why are you a Certified Flight Instructor?

At 9 years old, I took my first flight at the controls in a Piper Cub over a corn field near Chicago and was hooked.  Aviation has been my passion ever sense.  I love sharing the sky with people who have always wanted to check flying off their bucket lists.  There is nothing I’ve found that matches the freedom of flight and the sense of pride in mastering such freedom. 

How long have you been instructing?

I’ve been flying since 2000, but finally traded in a successful career in software product management to purse my CFI in August of 2013 … and I haven’t looked back.  While some instructors are focused on building teaching hours in hopes of joining an airline, I have chosen a different path.  Instead, I have honed my skills as a teacher committed to understanding how my students learn best and customizing my approach to help them achieve their aviation goals – one coveted rating at a time.

Do you tend to favor PAO or SQL, and how might it affect a student's ability to schedule time?

I have a soft spot for KSQL as it’s where I learned to fly and based my own aircraft for many years, but KPAO is a friendly airport too.  I'll gladly fly anywhere, anytime! 

How would you describe your availability in general?

Overall, I’m quite flexible after 10:00am any day, which generally supports the unique microclimate of our region.  I find most of my clients like to sneak a few flights into their workdays as it helps make the week go faster – and the scenery seems to breathe creativity and inspiration into a long work-week.  I also have occasional weekend openings for regular clients. With a bit of advance notice, I am also up for multi-day trips and scenic adventures. Let’s create a schedule that helps you achieve your aviation dreams!

What method of ground school do you prefer and how does it relate to your syllabus?

I like to tailor my ground school approach based my student's availability and learning style. The tried-and-true Jeppesen Syllabus forms the basis for my training; I like the simple, step-by-step path to achieving your certificate.  To support written test preparation, I have found Sporty's materials to be very interactive, visual and engaging which is always a good thing. 

What is your favorite aircraft to instruct in?

Cessna 172SP

What are your aircraft recommendations for a new student?

I highly recommend the C172 or the Piper Archer or Warrior for the new student as they are low weight and appropriately powered to ensure an easy introduction to flight.   

What percentage of your students pass their checkride on the first try?


Additional Comments:

Learning to fly is an investment you make in yourself – to achieve a dream and challenge yourself to earn something fewer than 1% of the population will ever achieve – a pilot’s license (and the freedom that comes along with it).   When making any significant investment, you want a partner who is experienced and knows how to help you leverage and maximize your investment.  It’s a bonus if they also happen to be fun.  I’m that guy.  Let’s talk.