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Carlson, Christopher

Instructor Name: Carlson, Christopher

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General Information
 Base Airport   SQL
 Teaches At   SQL, PAO
 Accepts New Students   Yes
 Payment Types Accepted   Visa/MC/Amex/PayPal/Bitcoin
  (360) 265-6003
 Hourly Rate   $100
 Ratings Held   See Below
 AC Instructs In   See Below

 About the Instructor

Ratings held:
ATP- MEL, Commercial SEL, Gold Seal CFI/CFII, AGI/IGI, Tailwheel, HP, High Altitude, CL-65 Type

AC Instructs in:
C172, C182, PA-28, PA-32, DA40, 7ECA

Why are you a Certified Flight Instructor?

Teaching is a passion of mine. There are very few things more fulfilling in life than helping others accomplish their goals. Aviation sucked me into its community quicker than I could have ever imagined, and I credit that all to my initial CFIs and flight school. Being a mentor to future pilots in our small community is a selfish joy of mine.

How long have you been instructing?
4 years

Do you tend to favor PAO or SQL, and how might it affect a student's ability to schedule time?
live closer to SQL. PAO tends to have more availability/variety of aircraft to fit an individuals schedule.

How would you describe your availability in general?
As an airline pilot - my schedule changes monthly.

What method of ground school do you prefer and how does it relate to your syllabus?
Self study (videos or books) is cheapest, formal ground school can get a new student established with a network of peers to study with- which I find to be the most helpful. One-on-one should be reserved for rainy days and specific questions found during other study types. I find myself most engaged when studying in a group, whether formal or informal. I generally follow the Jepesen syllabus, but am open to any syllabus a student prefers to help guide them through correlative ground/flight  training

What is your favorite aircraft to instruct in?
8KCAB (7ECA's cousin) or DA-40 mission dependent

What are your aircraft recommendations for a new student?
Tailwheel aircraft are great, though some would argue that the initial learning curve is greater.- it pays for itself in stick and rudder skills. The Cessna 172 has proven itself as a top choice trainer throughout aviation's short history. 

What percentage of your students pass their checkride on the first try?

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