Gold Seal - CFI with FAA Gold Seal endorsement. 2 years and 1,000 hours teaching experience.
Senior - 2 years and 1,000 hours of teaching experience.
Advanced - Over 400 hours of teaching experience.
Instructor - Up to 400 hours of teaching experience.

West Valley Flying Club is proud to offer one of the largest selections of professional Aviation Instructors in the area.
In addition to cash or check, most instructors offer a variety of flexible payment options.  Many instructors also have special block rates available as well. To access an instructor profile, please click on their name below.

If the desired contact information is not available for a particular instructor of interest, please contact us for more information.


A - Airplane H - Helicopter S - Single-Engine Land N - Multi-Engine Sea
I - Instrument K - Aerobatic Y - Gyroplane T - Tailwheel
M - Multi-Engine Land B - Balloon G - Glider E - Designated Examiner
R - Rotorcraft P - Single-Engine Sea L - Lighter-than-Air
C - Cirrus CSIP
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InstructorTeaches AtRatingsRateExperience
InstructorTeaches AtRatingsRateExperience
Kumar, Gopal PAO/SQL ASMIC $90-100 1-Gold Seal 
Gauvin, Steve SQL ASMI $120 1-Gold Seal 
O'Dea, Kelly PAO/SQL ASI $120 1-Gold Seal 
Trescott, Max PAO ASMITNPC $150 1-Gold Seal 
Miller, Terry PAO/SQL AST $100 1-Gold Seal 
Rick, Ramon PAO/SQL ASMIC $150 1-Gold Seal 
Carlson, Christopher SQL ASI $100 1-Gold Seal 
Floersch, Eliot PAO/SQL ASMIC $120 1-Gold Seal 
Etesami, Bobby PAO ASMI $100-120 1-Gold Seal 
Ballew, Sue PAO/SQL ASMIP $120-130 1-Gold Seal 
Irish, Wes PAO/SQL ASI $100 1-Gold Seal 
Arasmith, Bob PAO ASIC $100 2-Senior 
May, Michael PAO ASIMTK $100-125 2-Senior 
Dalvand, Mehdi PAO/SQL AST $80 2-Senior 
Mendelsohn, Benjamin PAO/SQL ASMI $65-75 2-Senior 
Higgins, Jim PAO/SQL ASMI $150 2-Senior 
Kamel, Melek PAO/SQL AS $70-80 2-Senior 
Styles, Don PAO/SQL ASMIT $100 2-Senior 
West, Greg PAO ASMIC $100 2-Senior 
Babcock, Drury PAO/SQL ASI $120 2-Senior 
Dietz, Lou PAO/SQL ASITKGPC $100 2-Senior 
Tilton, Ted PAO/SQL ASMI $60-90 2-Senior 
Enloe, David PAO/SQL ASMIHP $110-120 2-Senior 
Druch, Ian PAO/SQL AS $95 2-Senior 
Popovici, Radu PAO/SQL ASMH $90 2-Senior 
Michaud, Martin PAO ASITKF $95-125 2-Senior 
Savidge, Greg PAO ASMITK $110-120 2-Senior 
Farsaie, Nariman PAO/SQL AS $100 2-Senior 
Zand, Dariush PAO/SQL ASMITG $80 2-Senior 
Blonstein, Steve PAO/SQL ASI $80-90 2-Senior 
Ring, James PAO ASI $60 3-Advanced 
Baser, Orhan PAO/SQL ASI $80 3-Advanced 
Sloan, James PAO/SQL ASI $80 3-Advanced 
Woo, Raymond PAO/SQL ASI $80 3-Advanced 
Rump, Pedro PAO AS $70 3-Advanced 
Wilson, Lindell PAO/SQL ASMI $75 3-Advanced 
Debski, Matt PAO/SQL AS $60 3-Advanced 
Franz, Steffen PAO/SQL ASI $80-90 4-Instructor 
Neville, Sean PAO/SQL AS $60 4-Instructor 
Ali, Rozh PAO/SQL AS $60 4-Instructor 
Kosovskiy, Dmitriy PAO/SQL ASI $70-80 4-Instructor 
Murray Metzger, Elias PAO/SQL ASM $80 4-Instructor 
Gaffney, Nathaniel PAO/SQL ASI $80 4-Instructor 
Speridakos, Kostas PAO ASI $70-90 4-Instructor 
Showing 44 items