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 Make Model Cessna Skyhawk SP     Tail #: 605WM

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General Information
  Airport   SQL
  Year   2020
  Rate   $225
  Color   White/Blue
  Equipment   C-172S SG EB2
  Tiedown   J4
  Engine   180 hp
  Fuel Cap.   53 gals
  Useful Load   788 lbs
  Max Speed   125 lbs
  Max X-Wnd   15 kts
  Glide Ratio   9:1

Speeds (KIAS)
  Final Appr   65
  Vx   62
  Vy   74
  Va   105
  Vfe   110/85
  Vs   48
  Vso   40
  Vne   163
  Vno   129
  Vglide   68
* max weight, most forward CG
      Click to Calculate W&B.,42.1,2550,2558,2550&env=1500,35.0,47.25,1950,35.0,47.25,2550,41.0,47.25&uenv=1500,35.0,40.5,1950,35.0,40.5,2200,37.5,40.5&wma=Front+Seats,340,0,37.0,Rear+Seats,170,0,73.0,Fuel:35,210,318,48.0,Baggage+1,50,120,95.0,Baggage+2,0,50,123.0

  • Garmin G1000 NXi Glass Cockpit (PFD/MFD/GPS WAAS/NAV/COM/TXPDR ADS-B IN-OUT/SVT)
  • AUTOPILOT: Garmin GFC700 Two Axis with Altitude Preselect/VNAV
  • AUDIO/INTERCOM: Garmin1347 4 Place
  • TIS: Mode S Traffic Information System
  • Angle of Attack Indicator


  • Jeppesen databases: Navigation, Charts (IFR departure, arrival, approach procedures)
  • XM WX Satellite Weather: NEXRAD, Precipitation, TFRs, METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, Lightning, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, Echo Tops, Freezing Level, Storm Tracks, PIREPs, etc.
  • AmSafe seatbelt airbags
  • LED landing and taxi lights with recognition mode ("wig-wag")
  • Club fuel policy to bottom of filler neck.  (35 gal.)


$210 block rate - 10 hr minimum
Non-Flying Rate (to meet daily minimums):  Same as Regular rate