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 Make Model Cessna Skylane      Tail #: 53KP

Note: Not all AC on this site have online POH's. Not all owners have allowed contact info to be posted
General Information
  Airport   PAO    
  Year   2005
  Rate   $205
  Color   White/Blue
  Equipment   C182T SG LB1
  Tiedown   L12
  Engine   230 hp
  Fuel Cap.   88 gals
  Useful Load   1017 lbs
  Max Speed   145 kts
  Max X-Wnd   15 kts
  Glide Ratio   9:1

Speeds (KIAS)
  Final Appr   65
  Vx   65
  Vy   80
  Va   110
  Vfe   140/120/100
  Vs   51
  Vso   41
  Vne   175
  Vno   140
  Vglide   76
* max weight, most forward CG
      Click to Calculate W&B,38.78,3100,3110,2950&env=1800,33.0,46.0,2250,33.0,46.0,3100,40.9,46.0&wma=Front+Seats,340,0,37.0,Rear+Seats,170,0,74.0,Fuel:65,390,528,46.6,Baggage+A,50,120,82.0,Baggage+B,20,80,109.0,Baggage+C,20,80,124.0


  • NAV/COM: 2-King KX155A (both with GS)
  • GPS: King KLN94 (IFR)
  • GPS: Garmin Aera (VFR)
  • MFD: King KMD550
  • TRANSPONDER: Garmin GTX335 ADSB (Out)
  • AUDIO PANEL: King KMA28 4-place
  • AUTOPILOT: King KAP140 Two-axis with altitude preselect
  • AOA Indicator


Air Conditioning.  Club Fuel Policy to bottom of filler neck.  32.5 gallons a side

Checkout rate $190 10hrs, Block Rate $190 - 10 hour block
Non-Flying Rate (to meet daily minimums): $105


Minimum total time: 125 hours.  Minimum checkout time 5 hours unless at least 10 previous hours in make/model