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 Make Model Cessna Skyhawk SP     Tail #: N52535

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General Information
  Airport   PAO
  Year   2002
  Rate   $179
  Color   White/Blue
  Equipment   C-172S SG EB2
  Tiedown   T16
  Engine   180 hp
  Fuel Cap.   53 gals
  Useful Load   826 lbs
  Max Speed   125 kts
  Max X-Wnd   15 kts
  Glide Ratio   9:1

Speeds (KIAS)
  Final Appr   65
  Vx   62
  Vy   74
  Va   105
  Vfe   110/85
  Vs   48
  Vso   40
  Vne   163
  Vno   129
  Vglide   68
* max weight, most forward CG
     Click to Calculate W&B,41.08,2550,2558,2550&env=1500,35.0,47.25,1950,35.0,47.25,2550,41.0,47.25&uenv=1500,35.0,40.5,1950,35.0,40.5,2200,37.5,40.5&wma=Front+Seats,340,0,37.0,Rear+Seats,170,0,73.0,Fuel:35,210,318,48.0,Baggage+1,50,120,95.0,Baggage+2,0,50,123.0


  • NAV/COM: 2-King KX155A (1 w/Glideslope)
  • GPS: Garmin GPS 175 (WAAS)
  • MFD: King KMD550
  • AUTOPILOT: King KAP140 2-Axis w/Alt Preselect


Club fueling policy.  To bottom of filler neck (35 Useable gallons)

  • GSB-16 has 27 watts of charging power per port with dual USB Type-A & Type-C  with dimmable Halo lighting. Charge two full-size iPad® tablets or similar smart devices while using them utilizing Qualcomm® Quick ChargeTM Technology . 
  • The GI 275 provides precise attitude information, Precise autopilot control and nav guidance, plus flight director command bar cues, reference markers, GPSS and much more on the bright display.
  • Synthetic Vision enablement overlays a rich, 3-D topographic view of terrain, traffic, obstacles and more, all within the GI 275 attitude display.
  • Garmin GPS-175 & GI-275’S Feature Bright touchscreen display(s) and Audible Traffic & Altitude Alerts enabled through the aircraft Audio. 
  • Wirelessly stream weather, traffic, GPS position, air data and backup attitude via Connext® (Bluetooth) link to Garmin Pilot™ and ForeFlight Mobile apps as well as the aera® 795/796 portable via dual-link (978 MHz and 1090MHz) ADS-B “In” traffic and subscription-free weather
Digital redundancy
With a GI 275 attitude indicator and a GI 275 HSI combination, you get many of the same benefits larger format flight displays offer. You can count on the reliability of the GI 275, but primary instruments often require backups. With the installation of a GI 275 attitude indicator and GI 275 HSI, you get the benefit of auto-reversionary mode. This mode kicks in and displays attitude and heading data on the remaining HSI or MFD if an outage should occur. If that doesn’t provide enough peace of mind, then consider the GI 275 attitude indicator’s backup battery — it provides up to 60 minutes of power to get you home.


Non-Flying Rate (to meet daily minimums): $105