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 Make Model Cirrus SR20 G6      Tail #: 357SB

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General Information
  Airport   PAO
  Year   2020
  Rate   $340
  Color   Bimini Blue
  Equipment   SR20 SG EB2
  Tiedown   M4
  Engine   215 hp
  Fuel Cap.   56 gals
  Useful Load   956 lbs
  Max Speed   155 Kts
  Max X-Wnd   20 kts
  Glide Ratio   9:1

Speeds (KIAS)
  Final Appr   78
  Vx   83
  Vy   96
  Va   133
  Vfe   150/110
  Vs   71
  Vso   62
  Vne   201
  Vno   164
  Vglide   100
* max weight, most forward CG
      Click to Calculate W&B,141.60,3150,3150,3150&env=2100,137.8,148.1,2700,139.1,148.1,3150,141.1,148.1&wma=Front+Seats,340,0,143.5,Rear+Seats,170,0,180.0,Fuel:26,216,336,153.8,Baggage,50,130,208.0


  • Cirrus Perspective+ G1000 Glass Cockpit (PFD/MFD/GPS WAAS/NAV/COM/TXPDR) 12"
  • Active traffic (TAS, Garmin Traffic GTS800)
  • ADS-B In-Out with traffic (Mode S w/ES transponder)
  • Synthetic Vision
  • GFC700 autopilot
  • MD302 electronic Standby Attitude Module


215HP, higher performance higher relaibility quieter Lycoming IO-390 engine
150 lbs extra useful load
Significantly increased flaps extended speed  - 150 KIAS for 50% flaps, easier to slow down
Lower stall speed, 57 KIAS flaps extended
Significantly (~10x) faster and more responsive Cirrus Perspective Plus (+) avionics (G1000 NXi) with full qwerty keyboard, HSI map overlay on PFD, Nexrad weather graphics, Surfacewatch, eTAWs, dedicated 'Home' button etc.
Spectra wingtip LED lighting and keyless entry (pressing keyfob turns on all lighting at night)

GMA 350c Bluetooth® Audio Panel w/ 3-D audio

QWERTY Keyboard Controller


Enhanced Garmin GFC700 Autopilot featuring:

- Fully Coupled Approaches w/ Vertical Guidance

- TOGA w/ Coupled Missed Approach & Holds

- Electronic Stability & Protection

- Hand-flown Stall Protection though ESP

- Hypoxia Check & Automated Descent Mode

- Blue Level Button

- Autopilot Stall and Over-speed Protection

- Flight Director and Flight Path Marker

ADS-B In Weather and Traffic**

406 MHz ELT triggered by CAPS™ Pull

Garmin Flight Stream 510

Garmin® FliteCharts®* and SafeTaxi®Å

XM Weather

All LED Exterior Lighting featuring Cirrus SpectraTM wing tip lighting

Integrated Electronic Carbon Monoxide Detector

Synthetic Vision (SVT)



Jeppesen ChartView


$295 Checkout Rate - 5 hour maximum

$330 Block rate  - 10 hour minimum

$180 CFI Checkout Rate - 2 hour maximum

Non-Flying Rate (to meet daily minimums): $295


Minimum total time: 125 hours.  If new to the SR20 make/model, minimum checkout time 5 hours unless at least 10 previous hours in make/model. 
 A phase check will be required.  High performance endorsement required.

The SR20G6 does require a separate checkout even if you have previous non-G6 SR20 time.  A minimum of one 1-hour flight is required
due to significant operational differences between the G6 and earlier generations.  A separate G6 ground review from is also required.