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 Make Model Piper Archer     Tail #: 2395V

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General Information
  Airport   SQL
  Year   1985
  Rate   $134
  Color   White/Red
  Equipment   PA28-181 S LB1
  Tiedown   J07
  Engine   180 hp
  Fuel Cap.   48 gals
  Useful Load   958 lbs
  Max Speed   129 kts
  Max X-Wnd   17 kts
  Glide Ratio   10:1

Speeds (KIAS)
  Final Appr   66
  Vx   65
  Vy   76
  Va  113
  Vfe  102
  Vs  55 
  Vso  49
  Vne  154
  Vno  125
  Vglide  76
* max weight, most forward CG
     Click to calculate W&B

Basic Avionics
  • NAV/COM: 2-King KX155
  • TRANSPONDER: King KT76A/uAvionix ADS-B out
  • AUTOPILOT: King KAP100
  • DME: King KN64 w/remote to nav 1 or nav 2
  • ADF: King KR86
  • INTERCOM: Sigtronics 4 place w/PTT both sides
  • Electric Pitch Trim (INOP)

Exterior cabin cover. Normally fueled to tabs. (34 gals.) Both front seats adjust forward/backward and up/down, and seat backs adjust up/down. Rear seat backs fold down and are removable.

Pilot pays for fuel and submits receipt for credit (temporary status)


Block $129 for 10hrs
C/O rate $129 for up to 5 hours
First flight in tail (Promo) $129
Non-Flying Rate (to meet daily minimums):  Same as Regular rate