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 Make Model Cirrus SR20     Tail #: 512AM

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General Information
  Airport   PAO
  Year   2016
  Rate   $295
  Color   White/Red
  Equipment   SR20 SG EB2
  Tiedown   K11
  Engine   200 hp
  Fuel Cap.   56 glas
  Useful Load   823 lbs
  Max Speed   155 kts
  Max X-Wnd   21kts
  Glide Ratio   9:1

Speeds (KIAS)
  Final Appr   75
  Vx   83
  Vy   96
  Va   130
  Vfe   104/119
  Vs   69
  Vso   61
  Vne   200
  Vno   163
  Vglide   99
* max weight, most forward CG
      Click to Calculate W&B,141.11,3050,3050,3000&env=2200,138.2,148.2,3050,140.7,148.2&wma=Front+Seats,340,0,143.5,Rear+Seats,170,0,180.0,Fuel:26,216,336,153.8,Baggage,50,130,208.0


  • Cirrus Perspective G1000 Glass Cockpit (PFD/MFD/GPS WAAS/NAV/COM/TXPDR) 12"
  • Active traffic (TAS, Garmin Traffic GTS800)
  • ADS-B In-Out with traffic (Mode S w/ES transponder)
  • Synthetic Vision
  • GFC700 autopilot
  • MD302 electronic Standby Attitude Module


Student pilots OK, Primary training OK.

Air Conditioning. Flight Stream 210 Bluetooth Transceiver (allows both-way sync with ForeFlight or Garmin flight apps on your iPad and see traffic and weather on iPads). GMA350 audio panel with Bluetooth connects your phone for calls and music.

SafeTaxi, FliteCharts, approach charts by Garmin

XM Satellite Weather Datalink with SiriusXM Pilot Preferred subscription that delivers SiriusXM’s most requested aviation weather features. Pilots will find more than 30 weather features right at their fingertips, including: U.S. and Canadian Weather Radar; Cloud-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Ground Lightning; TAFs and METARs; forecasts and weather observations; graphical winds and temperatures aloft; echo tops and other popular features such as  NEXRAD, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs

CAPS Ballistic recovery parachute system. Seatbelt Airbags.



$265 Checkout Rate - 5 hour maximum

$280 Block rate  - 10 hour minimum

Non-Flying Rate (to meet daily minimums): $150


Minimum total time: 125 hours.  Minimum checkout time 5 hours unless at least 10 previous hours in make/model.  A phase check will be required.